Effective against aggressive media

Special steel for high-performance tools in the oil and gas industry

One of the most important things needed when developing new oil and gas fields are tools which reliably work in great depths under the sea. The problem is that these tools are subjected to rock formations of varying hardness and aggressive media, necessitating special high strength steels which also exhibit a high corrosion resistance. This combination of properties proves to be a challenging proposition.  SteelWhether for enhancing effectiveness in a car’s powertrain, extracting oil and gas safely and reliably or increasing durability of components in the aerospace sector, the use of special long steel is indispensable in many industries. Finished machined mandrel bars e.g., made from hot work tool steel and in lengths of up to 26 meters, are used in mills who manufacture seamless tubes & pipes for the oil and gas industry. Other applications for long steel products in the field of oil and gas extraction are drill collars and rotors in the drive unit and power section of subsea drill strings. 
Special long steel generally allows a high product differentiation, yet requires extensive expertise – especially in the highly sensitive area of oil and gas exploration. The drilling fluids used here often contain sour gas and chlorides. These aggressive media constantly attack the extraction equipment, particularly at increased temperatures. The reaction with the steel in use can lead to pitting and stress corrosion in the worst case. To prevent restrictions or even failure of the equipment, only exclusive materials are approved by oil and gas companies. Good resistance to pitting and stress corrosion is frequently required in this respect, combined with a strength that allows users a certain amount of freedom in terms of component design. 

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